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Next generation lie detector

An Israeli company has developed technology that allows it to detect how a person feels by analyzing his voice. The same technology can also be used to tell whether somebody is lying and maybe eventually replace the existing polygraph technology.

Lie Detector (Illustration photo)

Being able to tell whether somebody is lying is more important today then ever before. Identifying terrorists, catching criminals and even knowing the intentions of business partners are all important tasks that can benefit from a new lie detection technology developed in Israel. Until recently the only technology able to detect whether somebody was lying was Polygraph. Although Attempts to correlate blood pressure and respiration rate with lying had been made since the late 19th century the first practical polygraph was made by John A. Larson, medical student at the University of California in, 1921. Since then the "lie detector" as it was called, came under tremendous amount of criticism and although used rather extensively by the police, government agencies and commercial companies it didn't get to serve as evidence in court. All this might change due to a new algorithm developed by Amir Liberman who founded "Nemesysco" in August 2000. Nemesysco focuses on developing voice analysis technology that could replace the untrustworthy polygraph. By analyzing many different voice parameters, the system can give information about the person being recorded including his "state of mind" - excited, confused, stressed, aroused, embarrassed, etc., as well as the basic truth/lie indicator. The company has already developed a wide variety of products based on this technology. GK1 is a Security Access Control system providing an easy-to-use voice analysis solution to determine if the purpose of the access is legitimate. The GK1 can be installed in any checkpoint, airport or other sensitive installation and will run a 3-5 yes/no questions test that will be recorded and analyzed in a 30-second process, after which a green or a red light will indicate the result.Nemesysco has also developed other products to be used as investigative tools and inelegance tools based on a similar technology. The company also has more "civilian" applications for its technology. For instance, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be easily diagnosed in this way and it could also be used as an important tool for psychological analysis.Business people trying to collect information about potential business partners can also find this technology useful. Recently the company teamed up with one of Israel's largest cellular companies and launched a new cellular service allowing users to identify the state of mind of the person with whom they were talking. The "Love Detector" as it is called, uses the same basic technology to detect feelings of excitement and anticipation.

Nemesysco is currently working with the U.S. Air Force and reached more then 70% accuracy in laboratory trials and even higher levels in field tests. In the future we might even see law enforcement officers using lie-detector glasses based on Nemesysco's technology.

Iddo Genuth

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