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Mumbai - Islamist Terrorism - Iranian Bomb!

Analyst Menashe Amir: "Mindset Of Iran's Leaders Is Similar To Islamist Terrorists In Mumbai"

"Mumbai Atrocities Highlight Need To Block Iranian Nuclear Weapons From Reaching Other Ruthless Terrorists"

"President Elect Barack Obama Should Set Time-limit For Any Nuclear Negotiations With Iran"

Osama Bin-Laden

How high will the death-toll rise in Mumbai and what are the implications of these horrific terror attacks? One thing appears certain, Islamist fanatics have again sown death and destruction highlighting once more the need to block Iran, an Islamic terror state, from acquiring nuclear weapons. In an interview with IsraCast, analyst Menashe Amir says there are several conclusions that should now be drawn immediately from the Mumbai atrocities.

The late couple Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg and his wife Rivka
The late Bentzion Chroman

"There is no doubt that an extremist Islamic organization has again perpetrated the Mumbai attacks for its political and religious aims" - that's the opinion of Israeli analyst Menashe Amir. The combined operation was obviously carried out by experienced terrorists and recalls the 9/11 assaults on the U.S. Therefore, in Menashe Amir's view, al Qaeda may be behind the Mumbai attacks. This is further evidenced by the fact that American, British and Israeli nationals were singled out by the terrorists.

In Amir's opinion, it is highly unlikely that India's rival Pakistan is involved, keeping in mind that Pakistan itself has also become a target for Islamist terrorists. Although Iran is deeply involved in fomenting terrorism world-wide, there is no sign yet that it is involved in any way. However, it should be fully understood that the mindset of Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his regime is similar to the ruthless terrorists who attacked in Mumbai. Even if Iran did not try to implement its call to wipe Israel off the map if and when it acquires nuclear weapons, is it only reasonable to assume they would pass on nuclear devices to other terror groups to carry out 'this sacred mission'. And how many terror organizations world wide is Iran supporting that would love to get their hands of nuclear weapons. The Iranian ideology poses not only a danger to Israel, India or Pakistan, but also threatens western civilization, as well as Christianity which Iran also views as the mortal enemy of Islam.

The Iranian Missile Range

In light of this, what does Menashe Amir think of President Elect Barack Obama's decision to negotiate with Tehran in an effort to stop the Iranians from producing nuclear weapons? Menashe Amir sees no problem in negotiating with Iran but Obama should set one condition - setting a definite time-line to test Iran's intentions (The top Iranian nuclear official declared this week " halting uranium enrichment is not in our lexicon!"). Amir goes on to say if the Iranian contacts prove to be fruitless after two weeks, Obama should return to the UN Security Council to seek really strict sanctions. The bottom line is surely that Mumbai has again proven, if any further proof were necessary, that radical Islamists will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

David Essing

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