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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2012

Israeli Election - 'Biberman' Off and Running

Netanyahu-Lieberman Merger Claim Victory In Advance Of January 22 Election

Labor's Shelli Yachimovich Focuses On Trying To Attract Low Income Sefardi Voters Who Traditionally Support Likud

Campaign Longshot: Recruit State President Shimon Peres To Lead A New Center-Left Bloc

 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's gamble has paid off, so far. His proposal to merge the Likud with Avigdor Lieberman's was approved by a sea of yellow party cards at the Likud Convention in Tel Aviv. In the general election on January 22, they will run on a united party list called Likud - Betaynu, 'Likud is our home'. Although Netanyahu is off to a fast start leaving the Left still in the starting blocks, analyst David Essing is of the view that the dust has yet to settle in the election race.


Why Netanyahu Did It!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Feared Likud Would Not Win Most Knesset Seats In January Election

Netanyahu's Proposed Partnership With Avigdor Lieberman Arousing Some Opposition Inside Likud But Will Likely Be Passed By Party Convention

Labor's Shelly Yachimovich Preparing To Cash In On Netanyahu-Lieberman Ticket

 Why has Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shocked Israel by running on the same ticket with Avigdor Lieberman, probably the most controversial Right-wing politician in the country? And how will this surprising partnership affect the general election slated for January 22. Netanyahu and Lieberman are selling their deal as a means to improve 'governance and political stability' at a time the state is facing the Iranian nuclear threat and economic challenges. However analyst David Essing is of the view that Netanyahu studied recent opinion polls and was alarmed by what he saw.


Iran, Sudan, Gaza and Israel

Sudan Accuses Israel Of Bombing Palestinian Munitions Plant In Khartoum - Could This Have Been An Israeli Signal To Iran?

Tense Quiet Returns To Israeli-Gaza Border After Latest Flare-Up, But For How long?

 The Israeli-Gaza border: Hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians have come out of their bomb shelters this morning after being bombarded by some eighty rockets and mortars. Kids went back to school and their parents left for work. But for how long? During the flare-up, Israeli aircraft and tanks targeted the Palestinian rocket teams. Amid the cross border fireworks, a mysterious explosion demolished a munitions plant in Sudan that was supplying weapons to the Palestinians. Khartoum pointed the finger at Israel - four Israeli jets had bombed the site. Jerusalem did not confirm or deny. Analyst David Essing concludes there are more questions than answers after the latest conflagration.


Iran Prefers Obama to Romney

Isracast Assessment: New York Times Article Indicates Iran's Preference For Obama In US Presidential Race

Until Nov.6, Iran Will Signal It Can Cut Nuclear Deal With Obama But Simply To Gain More Time

Netanyahu Reaction: "How Iranian Nuclear Project Is Halted Is Not Important But It Must Be Stopped Otherwise He Will Opt For Israel's Military Force"

 The latest signal from Iran, as reported by the New York Times, should not come as any surprise. For years the masters of diplomatic deception have always unveiled some new subterfuge to gain time for moving closer to nuclear weapons. This time it's an offer of one-on-one talks with the U.S. and, without saying as much, the implied partner is Barack Obama and not Mitt Romney.


Kahlon and Israeli Election Fever

Surprise 'Time Out' By Popular Likud Cabinet Minister Moshe Kahlon Is Indicator Of Harsh Post Election Economic Decrees

IsraCast Assessment: Kahlon Decided To Step Aside After Concluding He Will Not Be In Position To Affect Likud's Future Economic Policy

 Just why popular Likud Cabinet Minister Moshe Kahlon has bowed out of politics is still shrouded in mystery. At the height of his career and at the start of the early election campaign Kahlon has still not provided a full explanation for his decision that startled the country. On the basis of what is known so far, Analyst David Essing has concluded 'Though this be madness, yet there is method in it'.


Current Israeli Approach to Iran

Cabinet Minister Moshe Yaalon: "To My Regret, America's Position Has Not Convinced Iran Of The West"s Determination To Go All The Way'

"Military Option Must Be Last Resort - But It Must Be Credible If Sanctions Are To Succeed"

Isracast Assessment: Yaalon's Position Reflects Different Approaches Inside Israeli Cabinet Which Would Have To Authorize An Israeli Military peration Against Iran

 What is the current thinking in the Israeli cabinet about the Iranian nuclear threat? Moshe Yaalon, a prominent Likud cabinet minister who could be the next defense minister after the upcoming Israeli election, has presented an inside look. At a public gathering, Yaalon articulated different nuances than those expressed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Analyst David Essing stresses that any decision to attack Iran's nuclear sites would have to be authorized by a cabinet forum.


Early Israeli Election & Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "I Call For An Early Election As Soon As Possible Because Coalition Partners Refuse To Compromise On Responsible Budget"

Election Day Predicted For February - Campaign To Be Waged Over Iran & Economic Policy

IsraCast Assessment: Netanyahu's Decision Militates Against An Israeli Strike On Iran Before Early Election

 Israeli voters are going to an early election, probably some time in February. In a statement to the nation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu blamed his coalition partners for refusing to put their party interest above the national interest - they had refused to agree on drafting a responsible state budget. Netanyahu's decision had been widely expected and came as no surprise to the Israeli people. IsraCast analyst David Essing says the PM's announcement has implications for the current crisis with Iran - it is highly improbable that Netanyahu would press for an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear target's during an Israeli election campaign.


Netanyahu - Churchill or Cassandra?

Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu And U.S. President Barack Obama Agree To End Recent Round Of Verbal Sparring Over Iran

Israeli Leader Signals That If U.S. & International Community Do Not Heed His Warnings & Fail To Halt Iran Before Next Spring Or Summer He Will Launch Military Strike

Was this Prime Minister Netanyahu's last plea to the UN before Israel implements its last resort to prevent Iran from building its first atomic bombs? Barring unforeseen developments, Netanyahu has warned the world that it has until next spring or summer at the most. Israel's leader made his case and now it was now up to the free world's leader the next U.S. President, be it Obama or Mitt Romney. IsraCast Analyst David Essing has the impression that Netanyahu has had his say and will now wait out the winter as the nuclear clock keeps ticking.


Iran, Netanyahu & Roosevelt's 'Poised Rattlesnake'

Defense Minister Ehud Barak: "In Facing Iranian Nuclear Threat Impossible For Israel To Depend 100% On U.S. Acting Against Iran"

"In Washington, I told American Officials That Netanyahu Means What He Says About Preventin A Nuclear Iran & This Represents Israel's Position'

IsraCast Suggestion: Netanyahu Should Quote U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "When You See A Rattlesnake Poised To Strike, You Do Not Wait Until He Has Struck Before You Crush Him"

 What is at the core of the widening differences between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the Iranian nuclear crisis? The bad blood has apparently influenced Obama even to refrain from meeting Netanyahu during his visit to the U.S. for the current UN General Assembly session. In an interview with the Israeli 'Yisrael Today', Defense Minister Ehud Barak discussed how Jerusalem and Washington take a different view of the evolving situation. IsraCast analyst David Essing says it is not simply a matter of personality but of geopolitical perspective.


More 'Dirty Tricks' For Iran

Will Iran's Nuclear Sites Again Be Targeted By More Clandestine Attacks?

IDF Gen.(res) Amos Yadlin: "Just Over 50% Probability That President Obama Will Opt For Military Option If Re-elected...Need For Fresh Dialogue With Whoever Wins Presidential Election'"

"Israel Air Force & Intelligence Have Capabilities To Knock Out Iranian Nuclear Targets But Israel Requires U.S. Cooperation For Day After"

 If a new round of clandestine operations are in the works for Iran's nuclear weapons facilities they will have to be more severe than they have been until now. The obvious fact is the Iranian centrifuges are still spinning out enriched uranium and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has warned the Iranians could be ready to break out for 90% weapons grade in another six or seven months. U.S. Defense Secretary estimates another year or so, unless Iran is operating more secret installations such as Fordo.


Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first and second days of Tishri. In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means, literally, "head of the year" or "first of the year." Rosh Hashanah is commonly known as the Jewish New Year.


Dark Side of 'Arab Spring'

Killing Of Four American Diplomats In Libya Reveals Dark Side Of 'Arab Spring'

Radical & Violent Islam Replaces Overthrow Of Oppressive Dictatorships Instead Of Peace Loving Democracies As Envisaged By U.S.

Iran Is Clear Example Of An Islamist Regime Now Closing In On Nuclear Weapons To Further Its Imperial & Religious Aspirations

 The US did probably more than any other country to aid the Libyan people in toppling their cruel dictator Col. Gadaffi. How egregious that the young American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his body-guards were killed in the attack by Muslim fanatics on the US consulate in Benghazi. In Cairo, more Islamist fanatics stormed the US embassy tearing down the Stars and Stripes and raising a black Islamic flag. Analyst David Essing is of the view that the atrocity in Tripoli and the rampage in Cairo again illustrates how extreme Islamists may be hijacking the hope that democracy will replace dictatorship in several Muslim countries.


Canada's Diplomatic Drubbing Of Iran

Canada Berates Iran For Supporting Syria's President Bashar Assad & Threatening To Annihilate Israel

Washington Post Joins New York Times In Urging President Barack Obama To Set 'Red Lines' For Iran's Nuclear Weapons Project

IsraCast Assessment: Canadian Diplomacy Serves As Fitting Response To 120 'Non-Aligned' Countries Who Attended Recent Conference In Tehran

 Is the world finally waking up to the danger posed by a nuclear armed Iran? Ottawa, which has always had troubled ties with the Islamist Republic of Iran, has acted decisively by suspending diplomatic relations with Tehran. Foreign Affairs Minister Douglas Baird pulled no punches in stating: "Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today". However in Jerusalem, analyst David Essing is of the view that Israel deeply appreciates Canada's standing up to Iran but there is also a sense the West may have already missed the boat.


Obama's Red Lines On Iran?

Will U.S. President Barack Obama Set Some 'Red Lines' For Iran To Allay Israeli Concerns?

Obama & Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu Expected To Discuss Their Differences During An Upcoming Session of UN General Assembly

Netanyahu Accuses Unnamed Cabinet Minister Of Leaking To Media That Israeli Intelligence Services Are At Odds Over Iran

 The Israeli intelligence services are at odds over Iran – that was leaked to Yediot Ahronot by a participant at a closed door session of Israel's security cabinet. The meeting on Sept.5 has sparked a firestorm after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cancelled a second meeting on Sept 6th. The intelligence services are comprised of the IDF Intelligence Branch, the Mossad foreign intelligence service and the Shabak, the internal intelligence service. Netanyahu told the ministers that the leak was intolerable. Some public officials have called for all the participants to take a lie-detector test. Analyst David Essing says the leak from the classified session on such a delicate issue highlights the public firestorm in Israel over whether to launch a military strike against Iran's military weapons sites. More it comes shortly before Netanyahu is expected to meet U.S. President Barack Obama for what could be a crucial meeting during the upcoming session of the UN Security Council.


Justice at last: the “Portuguese Dreyfus” is posthumously reinstated

 Sixty-one years after his death in 1961, Captain Arthur Carlos de Barros Basto, the founder of the Jewish community in Porto and a passionate advocate for the Bnei Anousim of Portugal, has been posthumously reinstated into the Portuguese army. He was drummed out of the military nearly seven decades ago for the “crime” of proudly proclaiming his Jewish heritage.


Israel Ponders Iran's Nuclear Gallop & U.S. Restraint

Netanyahu Confidante: 'IAEA Report Lends Legitimacy For Israeli Strike On Iran's Nuclear Facilities – Israel Cannot Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program But Can Delay It For Years'

IAEA: 'Iran Enriching More Uranium, Installing More Centrifuges & Possibly Conducting Nuclear Weapons Research At Parchin'

IsraCast: U.S. Has Scaled Back Military Exercise In Israel To Prevent Being Viewed As 'Complicit In Any Future Israeli Strike On Iran'

 The IAEA issues another damning report on Iran's march to the A-Bomb, Iran hosts over 120 'non-aligned' countries in Tehran with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon serving as the guest of honor and America's top soldier, Gen. Martin Dempsey, declares: 'I don't want to be complicit if they (Israelis) decide to do it'. And then to top it all off, the Yediot Ahronot newspaper carried a banner headline: 'Fireworks With U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro After Netanyahu Accuses Obama of Caving In To Iran'. It was not a good week for Israel in its campaign to prevent Iran from going nuclear.


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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2012

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