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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2006


Kadima & Labor Sign Coalition Pact That Envisages Unilateral Withdrawal Plan If No Palestinian Peace

However, U.S. Signals It Will Not Support Olmert's Unilateral Plan To Determine Final West Bank Border

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert may be on his way to forming a commanding coalition majority but his key foreign policy goal of a unilateral withdrawal on the West Bank may soon peter out. After Kadima (Forward) and Labor signed a coalition agreement, Olmert is now expected to wrap up similar accords with other parties to build the required majority in Israel's parliament, the Knesset.



Will 'Defense Minister' Peretz & IDF Chief of Staff Halutz

See Eye To Eye Or Will There Be Fireworks?

In Likud, Stepped-Up Drive To Topple Party Leader Netanyahu

Labor is on the verge of joining a new coalition government headed by Kadima leader and Prime Minister Designate Ehud Olmert. Labor leader Amir Peretz and Olmert met in Jerusalem, but failed to put the final touches on a deal. Coalition negotiations are also underway with two religious parties Shas and United Torah Judaism, the Pensioners and Israel, Our Home.If Olmert corrals them all, he will command a majority of over 80 MKs in the 120 member Knesset. Meanwhile, former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has stepped up his campaign to oust Likud party leader Bibi Netanyahu.



(Reuters) It's now official - documentation released by the Nazi research center in Ludwigsburg, Germany confirms that Palestinian Arabs actively supported the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews in the Land of Israel during World War ll. 'Palestinian' leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, met Hitler in Berlin in 1942 offering to aid the Third Reich.



Analyst Shalom Harari: Appointment Of Abu Samhadana Appears Part of Ongoing Power Struggle Between Ruling Hamas and Fatah

A Major IDF Ground Operation Into Gaza Could Torpedo International Front Against Hamas

The Hamas government has now appointed Jamal Abu Samhadana, a leading warlord in the Gaza Strip, to rebuild the Palestinian security apparatus. Samhadana founded the Popular Resistance Committees that carried out numerous deadly terror attacks over the years. Israel declares that it still wants Samhadana dead of alive. What are the implications to the surprise appointment by the Palestinian Authority now run by Hamas? IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari is a senior analyst at the Counter-Terrorism Center at the Inter-Disciplinary Centre in Herzliya. In an interview with IsraCast, Harari assesses the current situation including this weeks suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The general also explains why the IDF is finding it difficult to halt the launching of those Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip.



PM Olmert: 'Israel Will Know How To Respond To Suicide Bombing In Tel Aviv'

Former Israeli Security Official: 'Situation May Get Worse Before It Gets Better'

Israel Seeks New Tactics To Supress Terrorism After Withdrawal From Gaza

Hours before Israeli Knesset members took their oath of office in Jerusalem, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself in Tel Aviv. The sixteen-year old member of Islamic Jihad picked a crowded shuarma snack bar. Within hours of the explosion, nine people were dead. More than sixty others were wounded.



Gen. (Res.) Giora Eiland: 'This Is World's Last Chance To Take Measures To Prevent Tehran From Getting The Bomb'

MK Shimon Peres: 'Israel Could Be Left On Her Own If She Takes Lead In Campaign To Block Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons'

Gen. (Res.) Ben Eliyahu: 'For Decades Israeli Military Has Been Preparing To Face Such A Threat Like Iranian Nuclear Weapons'

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad captured headlines around the world when he declared that Tehran has started producing enriched uranium. Ahmadinejad told the Iranian people that scientists had produced 3.5% enriched uranium. This is a far cry from weapons grade uranium but it would only be a matter of time before the Ayatollahs would get their hands on the bomb. Israel says Iran could acquire nuclear weapons in three years if not stopped. Although Iranian leaders have talked about wiping Israel off the map, Jerusalem has reacted coolly to the latest development in the Iranian nuclear weapons drive.



Palestinians In Gaza Strip Have Escalated Qassam Rocketing To Forty Per Week

Israel Responds With Counter Strikes

PM Olmert: Those Who Launch Rockets At Israel Must Expect To Pay

Since Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip last summer, that area has been used as a launch pad for mounting rocket attacks at Israel. Recently, the terrorists have been launching an average of forty a week and Israeli civilians in the area are fed up with having to run with their children to bomb shelters. The IDF has been ordered to step up its counter-terror campaign in what is turning into a ballistic intifada.



Acting PM Olmert & Labor Party Leader Peretz Announce Readiness To Cooperate In New Coalition Government

Olmert: 'Labor Will Become Senior Partner In My Cabinet'

Peretz: 'An Olmert-lead Government Will Provide Stability & Survive Its Four Year

In Jerusalem, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Labor Party leader Amir Peretz have told the country they are now ready to cooperate in forming a new coalition government. Since Olmert's Kadima party won the March 28th election, both leaders have been broad siding each other by leaks from their officials to the media. However, Olmert and Peretz called a surprised news conference at the PM's office to announce that they have cleared the way for negotiating of a new coalition government. The two biggest parties comprise 48 seats in the 120-member Knesset. President Moshe Katsav is now expected to formally call on Olmert to officially launch officially launch coalition negotiations with potential partners.



Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'Fatah Suicide Bombing At Kedumim Again Shows There Are No 'Good Guys Or Bad Guys' On Palestinian Side'

'Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Is Trying To Weasel His Way Into Pockets Of West, While Fatah Headed By President Abbas Carries Out Killing'

The Palestinian suicide bombers keep coming - this time one got through. Disguised as an ultra- orthodox Heredi Jew, the terrorist blew up four Israelis who stopped to give him a ride near the settlement of Kedumim on the West Bank. The IDF responded by stepping up its counter-terror operations. The Fatah organization, officially lead by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), claimed credit for a brilliant and daring operation. This while the new Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has been toning down Hamas rhetoric that includes a vow to exterminate Israel and the Jews. Dr. Dan Schueftan, a Middle East expert at Haifa University, analyzes the aftermath of the Kedumim bombing in this interview with David Essing:



Israeli Voters Select Olmert But Cut Him Down To Size

Sharon With Netanyahu's Help Devastated Likud

Labors Peretz Failed To Make The Jump From Union Boss To National Leader

Kadima's Ehud Olmert may have won the Israeli election but by far less than expected. Labors Amir Peretz survived his test although the party wound up with more or less the number of seats he started the campaign. Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu has left his party in tatters.



Unofficial Exit Polls Indicate Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party Will Win Israeli Election

Olmert Will Have Wide Range OF Potential Coalition Partners To Choose From

Despite Olmert's Pitch For Another Unilateral Withdrawal On West Bank, It Is Highly Unlikely U.S. Will Support It In Foreseeable Future

If the unofficial exit polls hold up, Ehud Olmert and His Kadima party will win most seats in the Israeli election. After consulting with all the parties, which enter the Knesset, state President Moshe Katzav will then call on the party leader with the best chance of forming a coalition government with a Knesset majority. Although not obligated to select the party with the most seats, every Israeli president has always selected the party leader with most seats.



U.S. Secretary Of State Rice: We Expect Serious Answer From Russians About Their Possible Transfer Of Military Intelligence To Saddam Hussein

Latest Revelations Raise More Questions About Russia's Role Such As Sale Of Nuclear Technology To Iran

US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Washington is taking a hard look at documents indicating that Russia supplied Saddam Hussein with intelligence information about American troop movements at the start of Iraq war in 2003. Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press program, Rice added: We would take very seriously any suggestion that this may have been done, maybe to the detriment of the American forces.



Israeli Voters View Olmert As A Competent C.E.O. Who Can Cope

Electorate Turned Off By Traditional Labor & Likud Ideology

However Kadima Worried About A Low Turn-out Of Voters; Terror Attack Like This Weeks Failed Suicide Bombing Could Affect Election Outcome

Israeli voters are about to go to the polls in one of the strangest elections in the countrys history. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Kadima is frontrunner to win the election on March 28th with Labors Amir Peretz and Likuds Binyamin Netanyahu trailing far behind. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who bolted the Likud to form Kadima, remains in a coma at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem after suffering a stroke three months ago.



Henry Kissinger Recommends An Israeli Palestinian Land Exchange: If you want to be really creative, you would take territory with significant Arab population to help the demographic problem

Kissinger's statement appears to lend support to position of right leader Avigdor Lieberman

The strong showing by Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel Beitenu party (Israel, Our Home) has been a big surprise in the current Israeli election campaign. Lieberman, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, is proposing that Israel and the Palestinians redraw the old 1967 lines. His idea would be for heavily populated Arab areas of Israel to become part of the Palestinian state in return for Jewish settlement areas on the West Bank. Considered to be highly controversial, Lieberman's proposal is apparently supported in principle by none other than former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.



Menashe Amir: Although Cracks Are Appearing In Iranian Regime, They Have Not Halted Nuclear Weapons Drive

Only Sustained Diplomatic Pressure Will Dissuade Iran From Continuing Nuclear Weapons Program

A Package Deal With U.S. On Iraq & Iranian Nuclear Research Will Be Exploited To Develop The Bomb

Menashe Amir, an Israeli analyst on Iran, sees signs of mounting concern in Iran over President Ahmadinejad's defiance of the international community over the nuclear weapons issue. However, although some Iranians officials are worried over international sanctions and a possible U.S. military strike, so far this has not caused a shift in Tehran's plans to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons. However, if the Iranian regime faces sustained pressure thats its survival is in danger there was a good chance it will back down.



IDF Chief of Staff Halutz: 'Jericho operation was not political - it was necessary after Palestinians drove out international observes and threatened to free terrorists'

Acting PM Olmert has sent message to both Palestinians and Israelis

The IDF was ready and waiting. Only minutes after British and American monitors evacuated the Jericho prison where the Palestinian Authority had jailed wanted terrorists, Israeli tanks and troops moved in. Five of the terrorists, including Popular Front leader Ahmed Saadat, were believed responsible for gunning down Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi in a Jerusalem Hotel in 2001. Not only had the Palestinians been threatening the international monitors, Hamas talked about freeing the terrorists. IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz says the military strike was not political although it comes in the midst of the Israeli election campaign. However, there are various ramifications.



Acting PM Olmert May Have Declared Victory But Floating Voters & Low Turnout Could Affect March 28th Election

Labors Peretz & Likud's Netanyahu Are Now Banking On Last Minute Swing Which has Not Been Reflected In Public Opinion Polls

The election campaign has failed to excite the Israeli public with all the opinion polls indicating that acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party will win big on March 28th. However, not all the experts agree that the polls reflect the real situation and there could be an unexpected last minute swing. Although Olmert has already declared victory, his Kadima colleague Zippy Livni warns about taking the voters for granted.


Venus - The next eye in the sky

By the end of the decade a revolutionary new micro-satellite will orbit around the world at an altitude of 700km sending precise information on agriculture and marine changes in unprecedented precision and detail. The Israeli-French project will allow farmers to better treat their crops, fisherman to locate large quantities of fish in mid-sea and will also vastly increase the ability of the scientific community to study and monitor the flora and fauna in many areas around the globe. Equipped with an advanced plasma engine, VENUS will be able to operate for at least 4-5 years in its planed orbit.



Moshe Yaalon: IDF Has Capability To Knock Out Iran's Nuclear Installations - Israeli Military Strike Would Delay Iranian Bomb For Years

Israeli Officials: Has Former Chief Of Staff Gone Crazy - He Should Keep His Mouth Shut

Acting PM Olmert: Israel Will Not Tolerate Iran Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

Speaking at the Hudson Institute in Washington, former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon startled Israel by declaring publicly: 'The IDF has the military capability to destroy Iran's nuclear installations and setting back Tehran's quest to acquire the bomb for years'. The subject of the lecture was Halting Iran's Nuclear Program, Is there any Israeli Option? Reacting in Jerusalem, Israeli officials severely reprimanded the general for just about detailing how it could be done. However, speaking shortly before Yaalon's briefing, Acting PM Ehud Olmert also declared that 'Israel will not tolerate Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons'.



FM Livni: Israel May Stop Hamas Officials From Passing Through IDF Checkpoints in West Bank

Hamas Will Start Making More Moderate & Vague Statements About Israel In Order To Gain International Recognition - Israel Wont Buy It

Although Jordan Anticipates That Israel Court-Martial IDF General Who Said King Abdullah May Be Country's Last Monarch, There Is No Strategic Crisis

The Hamas issue was at the top of the agenda, when Foreign Minister Zippi Livni gave her first briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee. Livni said Hamas officials can now be expected to tone done their ideology about destroying Israel by making more moderate and vague statements about recognizing the Jewish State. She explained that Hamas now needs international recognition to receive foreign aid but Israel would not fall for it.



Kadima Candidate Dichter: 'Kadima Plans On Implementing Another Unilateral Withdrawal Of Isolated Settlements In West Bank Immediately After Election'

'However, IDF Will Maintain Control Of Evacuated Areas'

Prime Minister Olmert Will Reportedly Seek International Support For Step, If Hamas Does Not Change Its Positions

On February 24th, IsraCast reported that if Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party wins the upcoming election, it will prepare to withdraw unilaterally from isolated settlements on the West Bank. Today, two leading Israeli newspapers, Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz have now confirmed this.



Russia's Political Link With Hamas & Nuclear Sales To Iran Raise Questions For Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Glosses Over Hamas Visit Citing President Putin's Pledges To Jewish State

Russia apparently flexing its muscles as a Middle East player, has hosted a Hamas delegation after the Palestinians elected the terror organization to run their government. The Russian invitation to terrorists who vow to exterminate Israel has naturally angered Israel: however, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has chosen to take President Vladimir Putin at his word about never harming Israels vital interests. But the Hamas visit and Russia's sale of nuclear know-how to Iran, which also talks about wiping Israel off the map, raise questions about the nature of Russia's links to Israels enemies.



Likud's Bibi Netanyahu: Likud Party Vote Will Pave The Way For Home-Stretch Bid To Catch Kadima's Olmert In Election Campaign

Kadima Loses Two Mandates In the Polls Slipping To Thirty-Seven

Labors Amir Peretz Tries To Cash In By Meeting Mahmoud Abbas But Big Surprise Of Campaign Is Rise Of Far Right Parties

The Israeli election campaign is finally moving into high gear. The opposition parties are stepping up their drives to try and catch up with acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Kadima before election-day on march 28. this, as Olmerts Kadima party dips in the latest polls.


Viruses: The new cancer hunters

Researchers from the Hebrew University have succeeded in isolating a variant of the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV-HUJ), which usually affects birds, in order to specifically target cancer cells. The research, which has already cleared the first phase of clinical trials, is already patented and if all goes well it might receive an approval for clinical use, changing the way we think about viruses forever.


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