Likud MK Landau:
‘The Prime Minister Has Turned Coalition Into Brothel
By Cabinet Appointments To Buy Support For Gaza Withdrawal’

Vice Premier Peres:
‘Sharon Has To Consider Coalition Split Over Disengagement’

Broadcast March 30th, 2005 on

MK Uzi Landau

There has been strong condemnation of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s decision to appoint 3 more cabinet ministers and 7 deputy ministers, all of whom support his Gaza withdrawal plan.

David Essing reports:

‘Prime Minister Sharon has turned the government into a brothel!’ That was the angry reaction to new cabinet appointments by Sharon, which were approved unanimously by the cabinet today. Landau charges that Sharon is buying political support for his Gaza withdrawal plan by rewarding Knesset members with cabinet posts. All of the eight ministers and deputy ministers back the Prime minister’s disengagement plan. Landau leads the so-called ‘rebels’ in Sharon’s party who fiercely reject the withdrawal. Some cabinet ministers, from both Likud and Labor, say that during a period of belt-tightening, this is not the time for more cabinet appointments that will cost several million dollars.

Listen to Interview - MK Uzi Landau (0:40)

Vice-Premier Shimon Peres has come to Sharon’s defense. Peres says Israel’s parliament and the coalition are so split over the withdrawal, the Prime Minister has to make all sorts of deals in order to do his job.

David Essing, ISRACAST, Jerusalem

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