Major General Dan Halutz


Major General Dan Halutz was born in Tel Aviv in 1948

A list of positions Major General Dan Halutz has filled during his military career


Started his military career in the flight course as a cadet and finished as a fighter pilot in 1968.


After completing the operational training course on the 'Urgan' plane and his service as a pilot on the 'Mister' and 'Vutur' planes he later joined the first 'Phantom' squadron of the IAF.


During the War of Attrition he joined the squadron framework of 40 operational flights.


Released from the IDF and went on to study academically. However, with the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War he returned to the 'Phantom' squadron and joined approximately 43 operational flights. During the war he shot down 3 enemy aircraft.


Released again from the IDF and served as a pilot in reserves for 4 years.


Returned to the IAF and started to fly F-16 planes.


Received the command of the 'Phantom' squadron.


Chosen as head of the operational unit of the Lavi aircraft project.


Appointed as commander of the Chazor base.


Rose to rank of brigadier general and appointed head of the IAF squadron.


Appointed chief of staff of the IAF.


Rose to rank of major general and served as an aid to the chief of general staff.


With a change in formation of the general staff, Halutz was chosen as major general of the first operations branch.


Appointed as commander of the IAF.


Completed his position as commander of the IAF.

July 25, 2004

Appointed to the position of deputy chief of general staff.

Major General Dan Halutz completed his elementary studies at the 'Kugel' high school in Holon.

Major General Dan Halutz is a graduate of Tel Aviv University and received a B.A. in Economics.

Major General Dan Halutz is married with three children.

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