Dr. Minerbi:
‘The Vatican Almost Always Sides With The Palestinians Against Israel;
This Is Likely To Continue Under New Pope’

‘Vatican Has Remained Silent Over Expulsion Of Christians
From Moslem World and Palestinian Territories, Even Bethlehem’

‘Joesph Ratzinger Was Never A Nazi’

Broadcast April 22th, 2005 on IsraCast.com

Pope Benectictus XVI

What is likely to be the attitude of the new Pope, Benedict XVI to the Jewish people as a whole and the State of Israel? In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Yitzak Minerbi an Israeli expert on Vatican affairs assesses this question and the Vatican’s approach to how the Moslem world treats its Christian minorities.

Dr. Minerbi was interviewed by David Essing:

Brief Transcript of Interview

Church of Nativity

‘Joesph Ratzinger who grew up in Nazi Germany was never a Nazi’. That’s the assessment in Israel and the Jewish world to his appointment to the Pope. Dr. Yitzak Minerbi, an Israeli expert on Vatican affairs, says the Vatican always sides with the Palestinians and this is likely to continue under Pope Benedict XVI. Dr. Minerbi notes that even after 200 armed Palestinians took control of the Church of the Nativity for 39 days in 2002, the Vatican blamed Israel. Although the former Pope favoured Saddam Hussein in the First and Second Gulf Wars, the Christian minority in Iraq has dwindled from over half a million to less than 100,00. This is indicative of the situation throughout the Middle East including the Palestinian territories and even Bethlehem.
In his view, the rights of Christians are better preserved in Israel than anywhere in the Moslem world.

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