IDF Intelligence:
‘For the first time, Palestinian security forces are actively preventing terror attacks on Israel;
but they are not dismantling terror organizations or confiscating illegal weapons’

IDF Chief of Staff Ya’alon:
‘Terror organizations are exploiting current lull to regroup, rearm and retrain’
‘They will hold veto power of when to sabotage peace process’

March 22nd, 2005 on


Palestinian Security

A new dramatic development... for the first time the security forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are actively foiling terror attacks against Israel. This was disclosed by IDF Brigadier Yossi Kupperwasser in a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. However, on the other hand the Palestinian terror organizations are being left free to build up their strength leaving them a veto power on when to sabotage the peace process.

David Essing reports:

Is the cup, half full or half empty? For the first time, IDF intelligence says the Palestinian security forces are actively preventing terror attacks against Israel. Brigadier Yossi Kupperwasser revealed that now the Palestinians are doing no less than Israeli security forces in foiling the attacks. Although, IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon spoke of a ‘positive trend’, he also warned that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is doing nothing to keep his commitment to dismantle the terror organizations and confiscate their illegal weapons. On the contrary, Abbas was now talking about carrying out ‘security reforms’ only in another six or eight months. General Ya’alon viewed this with concern because it gave the terrorists a ‘veto’ power to sabotage the peace process when they see fit.

Palestinian Security

Moreover, IDF intelligence knows the terror groups are exploiting the current lull to regroup, retrain and rearm. They can now do this without fear because Israeli security forces have stopped targeting them. The assessment is that 70 % to 80 % of Palestinian public opinion opposes terror strikes against Israelis because more than four years of terrorism have not achieved anything. In any case, those terror groups, which had not been invited to the Cairo meeting, are still planning more attacks. Overall, the level of terrorist activity had dropped by half; it is described as now being over a low flame.
Reactions - left wing Knesset members say the fact that Palestinian security is operating against terrorism is a dramatic new development. It proves that Israel now has a genuine peace partner and Israel will be able to coordinate its upcoming Gaza evacuation with the Palestinian Authority. Right wing MKs view it differently; they say Israel is repeating the mistakes of Oslo. They note that intense international pressure after the 1996 bus bombings forced Yasser Arafat to call off the terrorism until the year 2000. Then, when Arafat saw fit he launched a deadly wave of suicide bombers against Israel. This they warn could happen again if Mahmoud Abbas does not dismantle the terror organizations.

David Essing, IsraCast, Jerusalem

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