Palestinian Authorities Have Approved Execution
Of Palestinians Who Prevented Terror-Attacks

March 4th, 2005 on


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The Mufti of Jerusalem

At the same time, that Palestinian Authority calls on Israel to release terrorists who murdered Israeli's, the PA is planning to execute Palestinians who acted to prevent the terror attacks.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Akramah Sabri, the chief Muslim leader, has issued a special edict approving the execution of 15 Palestinians.

The Committee against Torture in Israel has condemned the Palestinian decision to execute the 15 collaborators stating it opposes in principle such executions.

Cabinet Minister Natan Sharanski has sent an urgent message to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:

Palestinian Execution (Archive)

'The Israeli government should send an ultimatum to the Palestinian Authority against the executions. It is out of question that the Palestinian Authority demands Israel to release terrorists, and we respond to this in the hope to a future of peace, at the same time that the Palestinian Authority intends to carry out state murder of people who acted to prevent terror attacks.'

David Essing, IsraCast, Jerusalem

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